We are going to change
the way you promote!
Our Features make PRIME SOLOADS nothing less than extraordinary.


One Click Submission

No need to access multiple sites to send one or more PRIME SOLOADS Solo Ad. Our Featured One Click Submission service let you send your Solo Ads to our Network of OVER 50 Sites at once!

Absolute UNIQUE Visitors

When we say UNIQUE, we mean Absolute Unique. Every Solo Ad sent from PRIME SOLOADS grant One Visit per IP Visitor. Each additional visit from the same IP is not counted (although it is registered!) on that Solo Ad.

Unused Credits
Refund System

Our Credit System require 1000 Credits to send a Solo Ad. 1 Credit = 1 Visitor. All the Credits used in excess are REFUNDED to the Advertiser.

Simple to use

Our system is really child-proof.
Just login, access the Solo Ad sending page and send your Solo Ad.
It can't be any easier than this!

High Average of Visits!

Without going into numbers too much we can say for sure that our Visits are above the average. Each PRIME SOLOADS Solo Ad has its own Detailed Stat. Referring Sites and partial IP of each vistor is available.

Prime Solo Auto re-send Feature available

Busy Marketers appreciate this Feature. In addition to the One Click Submission, one can decide to Auto re-send the same Solo Ad multiple time once a Day.

Super Banner Autosend Free Bonus

This is a very Special FREEBIE!
When you send a Solo Ad you can add a Banner Ad at the same time. Your Banner will be shown on THOUSANDS of Advertising sites through ViralBannerAdCoop and BannerAdBlaster.

Prime Solo
Footer Ads

Prime Footer Ads are extremely Powerful! Each Prime Footer Ad will run on every Prime Solo Ad at the bottom (footer) of the Solo Ad. Each Footer Ad will remain active until a new Prime Footer Ad is posted.

Generous Commissions

We offer up to 40% Direct Referral Commissions on each and every Purchase through our awesome Commission Plan.
Free Members are welcome!